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To Our Wedding Video Fees Page 

If you've decided that you want a better video momento of your special day than what your Uncle Charlie can produce on his home video camera, you'll find that we offer many creative options for less than you'd expect.

All fees are subject to change until contracted.  Be sure to contact us for available bookings!

Our production equipment is all-digital. From our cameras and field audio recorders all the way to our editing suite and replication system, we keep your project in its highest resolution and fidelity from start to finish.

Basic Event Video 

PRICE: $500.00 and up

This is your typical Wedding Video package

We'll produce a DVD for you that has your complete wedding ceremony from the moment your groom takes his place until the bride and groom exit the ceremony.  Included are three hi-def cameras, two camera operators, wireless lapel mic, editing, credit roll of names in the wedding party, and delivery of the video on DVD.  This package includes 5 (five) copies of the DVD (burned, not pressed) with personalized DVD faces and cases.

NOTE:  For all packages, half the total fee is due upon booking to reserve the date and the balance is due upon delivery of the final product.

Available Extras (listed fees are per camera/operator per hour; filming, editing and deliverables included)

  • Blu-Ray - We'll burn your wedding project onto high definition Blu-Ray disks. [$50.00 TTL]
  • Pre-Wedding Interviews - We'll record sit-down pre-wedding interviews with the bride and groom, parents, attendants-- whoever you'd like. Be sure to have them ready with funny stories and fond memories of the couple. [$100.00*]
  • Pre-Wedding Activities - We'll record any special events that take place prior to your wedding: Dinner or activity with your Wedding Party, planning meetings, etc. [$100.00*]
  • Bridal Shower - We'll record all the (PG-13) fun and activities that take place at your Bridal Shower. [$100.00*]
  • Bachelor Party - We'll record all the (PG-13) fun and activities that take place at your Bachelor Party. [$100.00*]
  • Wedding Rehearsal - We'll record your wedding rehearsal, including any introductions of the Party and the welcome and instructions by the Officiant. This can be a short survey (short clips of various moments of the rehearsal) or a documentary (complete rehearsal from beginning to end). [$100.00*]
  • Rehearsal Dinner Activities - We'll record your rehearsal dinner and the activities that take place. The meal, the laughter, the toasts, whatever takes place at your rehearsal dinner, we can capture it on video. [$100.00*]
  • Audience Entrance/Exit - We'll record the audience filling up and leaving the seats of your wedding facility.  Depending upon the limitations of your facility, we'll record from the front of the facility (where the ceremony takes place) and/or from the back.  We can produce this in real-time or give it a fast-forward, time-lapse look. [$50.00 TTL]
  • Pre-Ceremony Bride's Room Activities - Well have a camera catch whatever you'd like:  final preperations, application of the veil, lounging and visiting with attendants, final toasts, etc. [$100.00*]
  • Pre-Ceremony Groom's Room Activities - Well have a camera catch whatever you'd like:  final preperations, final toasts, lounging and visiting with groomsmen, etc. [$100.00*]
  • Photo Shoot - We'll record your complete photo shoot (done by your photographer), catching all the fun banter that takes place between shots. If you provide us with the shots from your photographer, we can place them in the video at the exact spot each photo was taken. [$100.00*]
  • Reception - We'll record all the fun and activities that take place at your reception. This can be a short survey (short clips of various moments of the reception) or a documentary (complete reception from beginning to end). [$100.00*]
  • Honeymoon - We're available to record all the (PG-13) activities of your Honeymoon trip. Whether it be a day at an amusement park or a week in the Bahamas, we'll document all your fun activites to help your remember every moment for years to come.[$500/day plus travel, expenses, admissions, etc.]
  • Post-Wedding Interview - We'll sit the bride and groom down for a re-cap interview, asking all sorts of questions about how they met, the proposal, thoughts about the wedding, reception, and honeymoon, and their plans for the future. A great momento for the bride and groom-- and for their future kids and grandkids!  This has proven to be one of the favorite features of our wedding video packages! [$100.00*]
  • * some shorter extras may be combined to save money.

Available Services 


A Christmas Carol 

We have a new 2009 DVD of Kevin M Reese's adaptation of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol.".  Check it out! Click on VIEW DETAILS for more information or to purchase your own copy.




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